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Ghar Lapsi is one of our favorites climbing areas in Malta. Is in the South of the island and is full of caves and overhangs. Today we are in Terry’s cave (SECTOR C):

Cris in "First on the bus", 6b 20 mtrs**

Cris in “First on the bus”, 6b 20 mtrs**

Xavi in "First on the bus", 6b - 20mtrs**

Xavi in “First on the bus”, 6b – 20mtrs**

Time for girls…

Julia trying "1500 meters", 6c+ , 18mtrs***

Julia in “1500 meters”, 6c+  18mtrs***

Our chalkbags … ready for climbing too. New owner… smiley Cristian:

Cris in "Sweet as Bro", 6a 17 mtrs**

Cris in “Sweet as Bro”, 6a 17 mtrs**

All of a sudden, someone from outer space came to film us with the GoPro:

Quadcopter - Personal film maker... Xavi playing...

Quadcopter – Personal film maker… Xavi playing…

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